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Bjelin introduces the unique Contrast Collection

 Thursday, June 6, 2024

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Bjelin introduces the unique Contrast Collection

Bjelin introduces the meticulously crafted Contrast Collection, highlighting the unique qualities of the esteemed Spačva oak. This vibrant range of hardened wood is the result of a harmonious blend of technology and timeless artisanal skill, tailored to elevate both residential and high-traffic commercial spaces.

“We recognised the opportunity to craft a more dynamic floor by leveraging our existing colours and
creating stark contrasts,” said Emanuel Lidberg, Head of Design at Bjelin. “Drawing on our Scandi-inspired palette, the Contrast Collection makes a statement while blending harmoniously with our Hardened Wood 3.0 range.”

Drawing on its collaboration with Välinge Innovation’s cutting-edge R&D department, the company has spearheaded an innovative approach to enhancing the innate characteristics of wood. Through the groundbreaking Woodura™ technology, which reinforces hardwood floors, Bjelin has implemented a sophisticated process utilizing nine precision-engineered brushes to seamlessly infuse contrasting pigments into the surface, accentuating the oak’s natural grain.

Woodura™ technology renders these hardwood floors three times sturdier than traditional engineered wood alternatives, offering heightened resistance to water and dents. Complemented by the leakproof 5G Dry™ floor locking system, these floors guarantee enduring durability and feature Bjelin’s most resilient class 33 pro matt lacquer yet.

These powerhouse floors, made with European, FSC-certified wood from Croatia, are available in an XL
format and a Nature grading. They redefine the game in residential and commercial design, injecting a
sleek, tech-savvy edge that screams innovation.

Bjelin is part of the Swedish family-owned Pervanovo company group based in Viken, in the south of Sweden, with state-of-the-art production facilities in Croatia. The group has 2200 employees with a yearly turnover of close to 2 billion SEK. The founders of Bjelin invented the world’s first laminate flooring products during their time at Perstorp in the late 1970s before introducing the innovative click flooring in
the 1990s, now the company group’s leading product line. Bjelin’s global sales organization are currently marketing their latest green flooring innovation, Hardened Wood, a technology for creating durable and
eco-friendly flooring. Hardened Wood made by Woodura® technology is patented by the group’s R&D
company Välinge Innovation AB.

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