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Published on : Tuesday, March 6, 2018

SONY DSCHigh (gloss) in Style

Barberán, a world reference as a finishing machinery developer and manufacturer offers four divisions for single or combined solutions: Laminating, Profile Wrapping, Coating and Digital Printing.


In line with digital printing, Barberan offers major flexibility and performance, achieving an unbeatable printing quality with high resolution and curing inks UV CMYK at high speed. Together with an innovative Kleiberit HotCoating Technology, Barberan offers high performance, precise and reliable finishing installations for printed flooring with low production costs and high flexibility. The printing of different types of substrates like PB or MDF requires treating the surface before printing. This treatment makes a huge influence to the printing process improving both, quality; performance and even saving ink costs as well. The digital printing on treated boards is ideal for all those who want to be fast and flexible when it comes to print a lot of different, customized wood pattern designs upon demand on flooring tiles. Last application after printing will be high gloss top coat and anti-scratch product.



•    Mirror gloss, deepness and clarity effect, all in a thin coat of 100 gr/sqm
•    Full adherence of lacquers on the melamine surface
•    High impact and abrasion resistance with exterior grade resistance
•    Lowest production costs compared with other high gloss finishing systems
•    Easy manipulation and cutting afterwards


High Gloss HotCoating lines can also be combined with the JetMaster Digital Printing Technology, the manufacturer can produce totally customised decoration or woodgrain surfaces on the spot, eliminating the need of storing models for immediate delivery. This is also a high efficient solution when it comes to deliver many different designs or small quantities without having to increase production costs.


SONY DSCThe trend toward individualization in design and technology continues in industrial sectors such as interiors, furniture and flooring.  Digital printing has, therefore, become a particularly attractive  technology and more economically feasible over the years due to developments in print and ink technology.  The KLEIBERIT HotCoating technology offered in Barberan Line thus brings in  an  innovative  alternative  in  various  fields  of  application  as  a  surface  coating  for  flooring,  furniture  and  building  components  and follows the philosophy of digital printing. Barberán has more than 20 Hot Coating lines working in the world.


To manufacture high quality products, one needs high quality technology. Merino, manufacturer of world class, premium laminates with more than 10,000 designs, textures, colours and finishes, has installed this path breaking high gloss line from Barberan in 2015 in Hapur marking Barberan’s debut  in India.


Merino, with market presence in over 60 countries, has come up with Meister Panels- High Gloss Panels with PU+ Coating done on melamine based Prelaminated MDF & Particle Boards. PU+ Coating (Gloss) and Melamine surface (Surface Strength) are clubbed together to give superior High Gloss Products.


The PU+ coating is modified to overcome the limitation of existing PU coated High Gloss panels. The PU+ layer is modified to make it more elastic and flexible, thereby making Gloss Meister panels easy to cut and drill without chipping the board. “Yellowing Effect” associated with especially light coloured PU panels is completely avoided in Gloss Meister.


Durability of Gloss Meister Boards by Merino Laminates

•    High Abrasion Resistance – Special Top Layer of PU+ provides Higher abrasion resistance as compared to any other Coated Surface available.
•    Scratch Resistance – Again Special PU+ Top Layer provides excellent scratch resistance, thus providing better durability in routine use of the High Gloss Panels.
•    Impact Resistance – Due to high Impact Resistance, you will never see a breaking or delamination of the PU+ Coating layers. Even the hardest impact on the surface will never create delamination or “White Breaking”
•    Adhesion – Because of superior adhesion of High Gloss PU+ Coating layers on melamine surface of Prelaminated Boards in Gloss Meister, chances of top layer coming out is none as compared to other High Gloss Coating Panels.
•    Change in Temperature and humidity among different season causes contraction and expansion of PU Panel. PU+ Coating Layers are highly flexible and accommodates all environment related stretching and shrinking resulting from seasonal temperature variation whereas other coated panels stay inflexible and brittle.



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