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Altendorf to feature digital saw guide ‘MAGIS’ at LIGNA 2017

 Tuesday, May 2, 2017

altendorfLIGNA 2017 brings the world premiere of Altendorf’s trail-blazing new saw operator prompting system. Developed in-house at Altendorf, the MAGIS system guides Altendorf machine operators through the requisite steps to complete a pre-prepared cutting plan. “The Altendorf MAGIS system is the first digital, mobile operator guidance system for a sliding table saw,” explains Altendorf Managing Director Joerg F. Mayer. “It shows the operator the cutting sequence to follow for fully cut-optimised panel processing. It simplifies the operator’s job enormously and, being mobile, can be used with any Altendorf sliding table saw. Altendorf MAGIS also helps to enhance safety in the workplace and reduces the time required to complete a defined job at the machine.” Mr. Mayer added further. The Altendorf MAGIS system consists essentially of software, a tablet and the tablet mount for the sliding table saw.


Altendorf MAGIS is not a cutting program but rather a digital operator prompting system

Altendorf MAGIS, Mayer takes care to emphasise, is not a cut optimisation program, but rather a visual digital operator prompting system. So intelligent is the software that it can acquire the relevant data from the cut optimisation package, detect the saw specification and then incorporate this information into the visualisation. The clearly displayed uploaded dimension settings for manual stops and automatic adjustment for motorised stops simplify the cutting process from the very beginning. The display guides the operator step-by-step through cutting plans involving even the most complex nesting using easily understood symbols. The system can also be used to apply labels to finished workpieces detailing subsequent processing instructions.


Altendorf MAGIS enhances safety in the workplace for all machine operators, irrespective of their level of training, by ensuring that they always know exactly what they need to do next. The cutting of materials in panel and strip form is depicted visually even before the cutting process has begun.


Altendorf MAGIS leads the way through the predefined cutting sequence in a way that every operator can reliably follow, ensuring optimal utilisation of materials and speeding up production. Altendorf MAGIS includes interfaces to a large number of well-known optimisation solutions for excellent flexibility. The tablet is mobile, so the data from the cut optimisation package is uploaded for production planning. Optional features of the MAGIS system include a printer and a bar code reader. These make it possible to label finished workpieces for reliable identification during subsequent processing. Barcodes can also be used to identify the job concerned and allocate workpieces. Another of the useful accessories offered by Altendorf is a second display that enables an assisting colleague on the opposite side from the operator position to see the cutting plan as well. “Altendorf MAGIS is versatile and enormously helpful in optimising workflows and workshop operations in small and midsize organisations. It makes working with the sliding table saw easier and safer and can make a crucial difference for companies eager to maximise their profitability,” Mayer concludes.

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