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Ageless Living Trend from Schattdecor Décor selection

 Friday, March 16, 2018

corodomaSchattdecor’ Decor Selection 2018 encompasses a total of four trend topics. One of these topics is “Ageless Living,” which features mainly sophisticated stone textures, metal surfaces, and dark, matte wood tones in oak or walnut. In addition to matte black, dark blue and green also play a central role. Textiles and leather surfaces complement the elegant interior style, which is modern, timeless, and appealing to people of all ages.


Precious metals, such as Corten steel, bronze, brass, and black steel, are set to knock copper off its pedestal, and are paired with natural-looking woods such as oak. Decors with a textile look complete this easygoing mix of materials. When applied, the decors are reminiscent of high-quality, handmade materials that mark a departure from the rustic look. Metal decors in more restrained color schemes, such as the dark tones of black steel, are proving a sophisticated alternative to color-blocked surfaces, thus enhancing furniture with a high-quality look.


Ageless Living – Decors in the Spotlight


Our newest decor: a black steel look. We are looking to replace primarily color-blocked surfaces with these kinds of material replicas. We have already done well with concrete, followed by metals like copper and brass. Our “Corodona” décor  is an almost black decor in a metallic look, which is particularly effective when paired with woods. It is ideal for use on worktops and as front or main body furniture elements. Another stand-out feature of the decor is that it can be patterned in different directions, allowing different looks, depending on the color.


biscaya oakBiscaya Oak

“Biscaya oak” is a dark brown oak in a rich shade of brown. The structure of the decor has a subtle plank-like appearance, reminiscent of wenge wood. The design, notable for its beautiful negative pores and planked effect, looks sophisticated without being too excessive. It also boasts a strikingly balanced texture. We showed it for the first time at Sicam 2017 in Italy.



With “Teramo” our Decor Selection 2018 now has a stone decor that we think has massive potential. The dark black marble, streaked with white veins, is striking in its natural character and authenticity. The fine, branching lines divide the earthy shades of this natural stone. This decor looks particularly good in kitchens and bathrooms, or even when used for large-scale wall applications. We are certain that this design will draw admiring glances, as often happened with our “Barcelona” and “Wasabi” stone decors. Thanks to digital printing techniques, we can offer this decor in a repeat length of up to five meters, showing the remarkable variety and beauty of nature in all its glory. It also works in perfect combination with wood surfaces.

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