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ADLER moves a step forward with safe hardeners

 Thursday, July 27, 2023

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ADLER has decided to take a major leap to introduce certain change in the production of its entire range of hardeners. On August 24, 2023, an EU regulation will come into force that will state the requirement of training for processing of PU hardeners with diisocyanate content higher than 0.1%. ADLER plans to solve this matter from its roots, with the revision of its entire range of hardeners. This revision will ensure no further requirement of any additional training for the employees.

Keeping in mind the safety of the workers, the EU has highlighted the need for strict training. Isocyanates are certain chemical substances that are required for every 2K PUR paint. The mixing of the isocyanate-based hardener ensures a better high-quality surface. But, here lies the problem, as the monomeric diisocyanates contained in the product can irritate the skin, irritate the respiratory tract, and can even trigger allergies. This is the reason that employees need proper training and the EU has also set strict limits for the usage of diisocyanates. It has prescribed training for the processing of all products that exceeds these limits.

The training process will not only cost money but is also time consuming. Employees need to spend several hours to complete the training course, which will be repeated every five years. ADLER has taken a step to reduce the pressure of this straining process. It has decided to use diisocyanates within the prescribed limit in all PUR hardeners for solvent-based paints and all ADLER Aqua-PUR hardeners for water-based paints in future.

Healthy and safe-

“The modification only affects the proportion of diisocyanate monomers in the hardener. The processing properties of our hardeners remain unchanged,” emphasizes Mario Bortolotti, head of furniture lacquer development. The company is making use of a modified recipe so that the customers notice no change in the performance of the products. The revised hardeners will also ensure increased safety and less health damage for the processors. ADLER is also taking different steps to make the error less processing possible, to make the everyday working of the customers more easy and convenient.

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