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ADLER initiates its expansion and modernisation

 Friday, November 24, 2023

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The starting signal for the large expansion and modernisation project “Factory of the Future” has been given at the ADLER Lacke factory site in Schwaz. With the “Factory of the Future”, Austria’s leading paint manufacturer ADLER will further expand and modernise its production in the coming years. This expansion is particularly to boost the production of environmentally friendly water-based paints.

The focus is on comprehensive digital support for all processes, as well as on automation with a sense of proportion. This is particularly to provide employees with the best possible support and to further increase quality, safety and efficiency.

Modern raw material logistics

In the first construction phase, the original high-bay warehouse for finished goods, which was recently no longer used, will be converted into fully automated raw material logistics. For this purpose, the building was completely gutted in order to equip it with modern storage and conveyor technology in the next step. In the future, the approximately 600 different raw materials and semi-finished products required for the manufacture of ADLER products will be stored here in 6 storage aisles with around 4,000 pallet spaces.

A digitally controlled conveyor system delivers the raw materials from the warehouse to the connected pre-picking facility. In the future, around 10 employees will put together the raw materials for each individual production batch, weigh them and prepare them for further processing. For this purpose, digitally supported pre-picking stations are set up that are perfectly tailored to the respective requirements. Each workplace is ergonomically equipped with pulling and lifting aids that enable healthy and safe work.

ADLER’s customers will also benefit: “Thanks to our new raw material logistics, we can further increase the efficiency of our production and minimize incorrect batches – this makes us even faster and more flexible in the production of customer orders,” says Romed Staggl, Head of Production and Head of “Factory of the Future” project at ADLER.

Strengthened location

Construction work on the new parts of the building is currently in full swing. The building technology is scheduled to be installed as early as mid-2024. The gradual commissioning of the new ADLER raw material logistics is planned for mid-2025. In the following years, ADLER will continue to push forward with the “Factory of the Future” project – among other things, a modernisation of the existing Production 1 as well as the environmental protection and recycling center is planned.

ADLER is thus consistently continuing its path towards digitalisation and Industry 4.0 and at the same time is sending a strong signal for the Schwaz company location: “Since our family business was founded in 1934, ADLER has produced exclusively here in Schwaz, and it should remain that way in the future. With the ‘Factory of the Future’ we will further strengthen our location and create high-quality, future-proof jobs,” confirms Managing Director Andrea Berghofer.

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