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Thomas Luckow

Thomas Luckow

Wood & Panel is delighted to have Mr. Thomas Luckow, Head of Sales, dekoraPUR on their latest developments, products, innovations and of course their participation at the HOLZ-HANDWERK 2024 edition.

WPE: How are you doing and can you tell us why you choose HOLZ-HANDWERK?

Thomas Luckow: Very fine, thank you. We are here to showcase our products which are suitable for carpenters and architects.

WPE: What are your offerings for carpenters?

Thomas Luckow: Yes, we are offering new products, we have some collections on surfaces, matte based on different colours. We are eager to showcase the collection to our customers.

WPE: How will carpenters get your product?

Thomas Luckow: Carpenters basically sell our products through many dealers. We have many wood dealers in Germany. So, they can get an option to buy these products.

WPE: Can you tell me what is in trend?

Thomas Luckow: The trend is matte, everything from different colours to white, matte is in. Matte holds a different place in our company especially in the German market.

WPE: Is it only for the German market or is it for all over Europe?

Thomas Luckow: For Europe, it’s a market trend and when we produce for sports especially for the Middle East and Asia, it should be high gloss but specifically for Europe it is always Matte.

WPE: How is the market for surface elements with hot coating?

Thomas Luckow: It’s very interesting to ask. In hot coating, we produce much advanced hot coating products, along with that, we produce glue, lacquering. You can have deep colour and so it’s better for the production and for woodworking as well.

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