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Rananjoy Mitra

Rananjoy Mitra

Rananjoy Mitra, Director, Technical, Siempelkamp India Pvt Ltd speaks to Wood & Panel on the company’s participation and expectations from IndiaWood, press lines, the introduction of alternative raw materials in Indian market and more. Read on.

woodandpaneleurope Tell us about your presence in the Indian market?
Rananjoy Mitra: We started with panel wood business in the Indian market with our customer Mangalam Timber in the late 80s, and since then, when nobody knew about MDF or panelwood, we introduced it in the market. And it was a success. After that we had a particle board line in Bhutan for the Bhutan board which is quite known in the Indian market, because particle board was first introduced in the Indian market as Siempelkamp product. We now have a line with Action Tesa using our first Ecositter system in India, in Uttaranchal and recently we had an order from Rushil Decor for their MDF line and this is getting installed currently in Visakhapatnam. So, in general, we are nearly taking care of 50% of the organised MDF industry. We are moving and we look forward to new customers and hopefully there will be more orders coming in future.

woodandpaneleurope What are your expectations from this edition of IndiaWood?
Rananjoy Mitra: IndiaWood is a good platform for showing customers who are producing panels, who are producing machines, all together, the new developments made in the panel production or new requirements in different types of panels and challenges to the machine manufacturers to produce those for the customers. It’s also a platform where we can understand the situation of the market in more detailed manner; giving us the right information or the right view of understanding the direction of the market.

woodandpaneleurope What are you primarily showcasing in the IndiaWood? What are the innovations you are bringing here this year?
Rananjoy Mitra: We are trying to focus the whole of Siempelkamp group this time. That starts from our press line, which comes from Siempelkamp, then there is the size reduction equipment which is also a part of any production process; be it particle board or MDF, coming from Pallmann. Panelling system comes with processes like gluing, screening, shifting for getting the right quality-this is coming from CMC; our subsidiary company, and software and electronic system which represented here by Electronic Wood System.


So, that’s what we are trying to represent- the whole of Siempelkamp group and our intention is that the customers see us not only in totality as Siempelkamp, but also individually as some customers have requirement only for the size reduction equipments where he can directly talk to Pallmann and similarly to that of other requirements to CMC or Electronic Wood System. It is an intention of how we are presenting. We are also trying to represent alternative raw materials for making boards. The biggest problem the Indian market is facing, is the non-availability of woods to produce boards, so we are introducing the concepts of making boards by using rice straw and bamboo as a raw material. We are trying to spread the awareness in the Indian market that these materials can also be used to make good quality boards. India being one of the largest rice growing countries in the world it is like India is sitting on a gold mine and we are trying to make our customers understand the full utilisation of resources. Hopefully we have success.

woodandpaneleurope What are the plans going forward in 2020?
Rananjoy Mitra: Well, we want to reach the market individually. For example, if there is only requirement for the size reduction, they don’t have to buy a whole press line to come to Pallmann, they can directly go to the Pallmann. Likewise, if there is somebody who wants to buy sense equipment, he can directly go to EWS, there is no need to come through Siempelkamp.


Secondly, we are also trying to propagate our own company in India, Siempelkamp India Pvt. Ltd. with software and service solutions for our customers; both the existing ones and also to-be customers. If someone wants to have plywood line which is not running correctly or got a material line which is not running correctly, it can be optimised as we have solutions from Siempelkamp India only. We have all sorts of solutions from India- the software people, technologists, the hydraulic technicians, the mechanical technicians, which means, we have the whole team in India who can also be part of upgrading the equipment which is not functioning.


As I have told before, we are also working on to propagate alternative raw materials which are the requirement of the hour with the pollution problem that is persistent here in India. I really hope that people embrace it and go ahead. That is a good intention, in fact our little steps to save our planet.

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