Joerg F. Mayer

In conversation with Joerg F. Mayer, the Managing Director of Wilhelm Altendorf GmbH & Co. KG, from the floors of WoodTech India, Chennai

woodandpaneleurope How is the European market faring as of now?

Joerg F Mayer : Firstly, thanks for having us in Chennai! Now, if you are talking back to the European market especially after LIGNA, which we had in May in Germany, you have to see that there is seasonality, which is always there! During the summer time, the sales tend to go down a bit because of summer vacations all over Europe, that is something which we are feeling nowthis year as well! But inspite of that, we feel a very smooth business after recovery and a well continuation of the business after LIGNA as well. We do launch new products which are coming to the markets right now and we feel a great reception of these machines. We are now getting into the phase where information of these products is spread all over Europe and worldwide, the sales are actively starting now.

woodandpaneleurope So, coming to India once again, how do you compare Indian market with other Asian countries?

Joerg F Mayer : India will still be the most price sensitive market out of every market in the world, not only compared to South East Asian markets and we have to cater to that, I mean being a manufacturer, we have to have compatible prices and ofcourse the quality as well, because Indian customers are very much aware of what they get for their money and we have to come in with right products and that is what we are doing.

woodandpaneleurope Talking about quality, Altendorf has always been a market leader in sliding table saws, how do you always maintain that quality?

Joerg F Mayer : Well, there is one big reason how we can manage this and that is we only focus on one kind of product which is the sliding table saw and we have been doing so for decades, one kind of product only, and with that experience we can ensure that customers will get the best quality in each and every price segment.

woodandpaneleurope 2015 is almost coming to an end, what will be your marketing strategy in the coming months?

Joerg F Mayer : 2015 might have come to an end almost, but not totally, and thus I would like to answer that question regarding 2015 and 2016 as well. So, what we are doing now is to launch a new product and actually in this exhibition, here at Chennai, we have launched our new START 45, which is a product that we sell in addition to our existing machines, like the F45 and WA 8 series, but at a lower price level. That is why we call it START, because we want our customers to start the Altendorf experience with this specific product and that’s why we launched it herein India. It is more price effective with afixed specification which caters to the needs of markets like India, for example.

woodandpaneleurope Do you have any plan of expansion?

Joerg F Mayer : It is not in the pipeline as for now, we already havethree production facilities all over the world which is Germany, Brazil and China and there is currently no further plans for production facilities.

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