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Woodworking Technologies export first quarter 2021 closes positively

Published on :Thursday, July 1, 2021

The study office of Acimall has processed the export flows of woodworking machinery for the period January-March 2021. According to the data source ISAT, exports of wood technologies, recorded in the first quarter of the year a very positive trend, a good sign that could be the opening for a new phase of growth for the Italian offer on the global market.

The percentage increase over the same period of 2020 was 10.9 points, with a consolidated value close to 330 million euros. The United States maintains the first position with 31 million euros ( 1.0%) followed by Germany and France respectively 25 ( 10.8%) and 23 ( 17.8%) million euros; Poland remains stable recording a slight decrease, -0.1%, and a value of 22 million euros. China grows with 15 million euros with an increase, on the first quarter of 2020, of 58%.

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