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Woodworking made izy simplifies machine connection

 Tuesday, July 26, 2022

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Woodworking made izy- one standardized interface to connect all their woodworking machines, machine to machine, and machines to the customers’ Manufacturing Execution Systems. Seven world leaders in woodworking machinery, BIESSE, BÜRKLE, HOMAG, IMA SCHELLING, SCM, WEBER and WEINIG, have worked together as a team in defining this interface. This means no individual interfaces need to be programmed and an overall control of the production process is readily put in place.

Woodworking machinery leaders have come together for the first time and teams up with the finest to offer better services while improving manufacturing processes. “Establishes data exchange with reduced costs in a flexible way, is very much needed for the industry, particularly for small-medium sized companies.”

All seven leaders may use the new standardized interface to connect all machines, and manage control or command during the production process. This is based on Open Platform Communication Unified Architecture and reliable industrial communication, with a dedicated language developed for the woodworking industry that connects the production data with the overall manufacturing management.

Watch the exclusive video on IZY below, as Raphael Prati, chairman of the marketing group for IZY and our editor-in-chief Apratim Ghoshal engage in a tete-a-tete on the benefits of IZY offering.

How it works:

Any technology, either cutting, sizing , edgebanding, cnc machining centres, drilling, moulding up to assembling and packaging will simply e connected on the shop floor.   

In future, the same way as you connect your printer in the office world, just as easily  you will connect a WEINIG automatic profiling machine to an SCM cnc machining center, and just as easily add a BURKLE surface finishing system to the process.

Once the machines have been installed, there will follow a straightforward testing of the interface together with the software developers, adjusting it to improve the level of performance.

It will not only be a matter of connecting the machines together, it will also involve monitoring the entire production process at a glance, identifying any weak  points and acting swiftly, taking decisions on the data provided by the system concerning the entire cycle.

Why was izy needed:

Modern woodworking companies typically connect machines from different manufacturers within their production line. To date, this has been possible, but only after time and resources was dedicated in creating a new interface for each machine operating in the production line.

To provide a joint solution that would vastly improve manufacturing processes, the 7 member  companies have put their customers at the heart of their businesses and teamed up to develop Woodworking made izy.

Now, with Woodworking made izy, woodworking companies are free to select machines and just plug in, with the same ease of connection a printer to a computer. Woodworking companies also require an easy connection of all machines to their Manufacturing Execution System controlling the flow and ensuring the effective execution of manufacturing operations to improve production performance.

Manufacturing Execution Systems help eliminate human error in manufacturing by collecting and processing accurate real-time data throughout the entire production life cycle; by monitoring and enforcing specifications, business rules, and traceability, all resulting in and process quality.

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