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Woodcraft reveals dust connection branding program

 Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Woodcraft customers will be seeing more products branded WoodRiver Dust Connection as the national woodworking equipment retailer emphasizes the range and compatibility of its dust-collection product line, as well as new products.


“To help focus Dust Collection as a department, we felt it was necessary to brand what we were offering our customers,” Woodcraft President/Chief Operating Officer Jack Bigger said. Part of the branding effort, Bigger said, will be new product offerings such as the WoodRiver Shop Vacuum 12″ Hose Kit that includes two tools and connecting hose plus fittings. Other new products are the Dust Connection Box-O-Fittings, a 16-piece collection of the most popular fittings offered as a special holiday promotion, and the Three-Machine Dust-Collection Kits. The kits, offered in two common sizes, include all the components needed for connecting a shop vacuum or dust collector to three separate machines.” Jack added further.


Customers will also notice new Dust Connection packaging and signage, Bigger said.


“We wanted a way to communicate with our customers that the Dust Connection name means the product is going to work in their system with our other products and that we are truly serious about dust collection,” Peter Collins, Woodcraft Senior Product Manager, explained. “We continue to seek solutions for customers’ dust collection needs.”


Dust collection is a priority because sawdust, the byproduct of building and creating with wood, has been identified by the federal government as a health hazard. “The best way to keep sawdust to a bare minimum,” Collins said, “is to collect it before it reaches the air by using a shop vacuum or dust collector.” Collins concluded.


To operate an effective dust-collection system requires hoses, fittings and accessories to connect a dust collector or shop vacuum or both to woodworking tools. Woodcraft offers what most woodworkers need to make these connections easily and efficiently – all now branded as Dust Connection products. Woodcraft also carries dust collectors, shop vacuums, and air cleaner, plus related accessories – all compatible with the Dust Connection products.


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