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Unique Approach to Strength Grading: Virtual Splitting at James Jones & Sons Ltd with MiCROTEC Solution

 Monday, June 10, 2024

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James Jones & Sons Ltd, one of the UK’s largest and most progressive timber processing companies, chooses again MiCROTEC Goldeneye scanners for their strength grading lines in Aboyne and Lockerbie for the processing of British spruce and larch timber. The 5th generation family business has received the first Goldeneye scanner for strength grading in 2003 and has since then relied on MiCROTEC, a company that looks back on more than 25 years of experience in the development of scanners for machine strength grading.

In 2021, James Jones & Sons has decided to upgrade its mills and has invested in two new Goldeneye scanners including X-ray for their strength grading lines, one in their Aboyne location and one in the Lockerbie location.

This new generation of scanenrs is more compact, does not rely on water cooling and is overall easier to maintain compared to the models from 20 years ago. The Goldeneye allows James Jones & Sons to grade the boards that are later used for construction according to EN-14081 standards. The in-line moisture meter M3 Scan measures the moisture content of every single board. Boards with a moisture content outside the target range are automatically rejected.

The project applies the approach of double and triple virtual splitting, first introduced by MiCROTEC who is still exclusively offering the triple virtual splitting solution. Before sawing, the Goldeneye software utilizes a virtual board splitting mechanism, dividing a board lengthwise into either two or three parts. This segmented data is then forwarded to the strength grading software, which treats each part as an independent board.

James Jones & Sons and MiCROTEC look back on a long-standing partnership. Reflecting on the collaboration, Tobbe Sandberg, Technical Manager at James Jones & Sons emphasizes the pivotal role of MiCROTEC’s Goldeneye X-ray grading technology in their operations: “James Jones & Sons Ltd has used Goldeneye X-ray grading for many years at its Aboyne and Lockerbie sites. When the time came to upgrade the strength grading in Aboyne and Lockerbie, we chose MiCROTEC Goldeneye again due to its reliability, good service and the long-established relationship we have with MiCROTEC.”

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