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SCM launches ‘Autostore’ to communicate with customers

 Wednesday, July 20, 2022

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SCM has invested in the relationship management with the customer and in the efficiency of its customer care by investing in “Autostore”. It is a futuristic highly automated warehouse for the management of spare parts.

Luca Maggiani, Service & Parts Business Development Manager of the company says ‘The ongoing redevelopment work for the Rimini industrial site has allowed us to create a new, ultra-modern facility dedicated to SCM’s spare parts warehouse’.

He explains ‘Autostore’ as ‘an extremely efficient automatic department store, which allows us to be even more effective in the relationship with the customer…’ as he elaborated.

He also stated that ‘Autostore’ will have additional spaces that will be used for modernization, restructuring and expansion work which will in turn increase the production capacity of SCM head quarters in Rimini.

He further alluded that ‘Autostore’ will be helpful to keep huge amounts of elements in a smaller space. According to him the “automated part” occupies an area of ​​900 square meters for a height of 5.5 meters, with 13 storage levels in which it is possible to 24 thousand boxes that have a volume of 60x40x40 centimeters and a maximum capacity of 30 kilograms. These boxes can be further divided into smaller spaces, up to 16 different items.

Among the 34000 articles that they have in stock, 30,000 are managed with the new system now, speeding up about 75 percent of picking operations. With the help of ‘Autostore’ within a couple of months they have been able to reduce shipping time by 30%.

With ‘Autostore’ 30 thousand customers are managed simultaneously. The company is now managing only 4 thousand customers with the help of traditional staffing.

He further described ‘Autostore’ in the following words ‘  The suppliers deliver to the reception area where each piece is“ read ”, cataloged, weighed and measured, so that the operator can choose the most suitable box in which to place it. At that point it is “Autostore” which, with a light beam, indicates in which part of the box the piece should be positioned. After other checks, the box is “loaded” into the warehouse and here begins one of the most fascinating aspects of this technology which not only deals with loading and returning the boxes to the operator, but works continuously to optimize the organization of spaces, arranging the various boxes in the best positions based on the frequency of use of the elements they contain. These are determined by precise algorithms.

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