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Schattdecor to present future space solutions at High Design 2019

 Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Urbanization is a megatrend. According to a United Nations (UN) survey, 54% of the world’s population lives today in urban centers, and according to projections for the future, by 2050 this percentage will reach 66%. By shaping and shaping urbanization, the phenomenon of megacities – which corresponds to urban centers with more than 10 million inhabitants – is growing in proportion and numbers. Currently, of the world’s 28 megacities, 4 are in Latin America. This number is also expected to increase, and it is expected that by 2030 there will be 41 megacities worldwide.


Another survey by the UN estimates that São Paulo will reach 24 million inhabitants by 2030. Urbanization in Latin America is a reality that pulsates in the rhythm of the main avenues of major cities on the continent. In this context, Schattdecor sees the constant search for progress, based on new forms of collaboration, cooperation, planning, governance and financing. According to the French Architect and Urbanist Le Corbusier, progress is achieved through experimentation; and the decision is revealed in what is crowned as “the new”.  According to Schattdecor, “Today we ask ourselves about the best way to live in agglomeration, the new way of coexisting in the urban environment. The answers change according to our need for security, with the twist of fashion and fantasy and, more than ever, with advances in technology”


Schattdecor, as a surface specialist, will present trends and solutions for the future in 2019 in response to this accelerated growth of major cities. Especially in Latin America, Schattdecor aims to challenge architects and designers to (re) think urban structures, especially the spaces in which people will live in the future. And to plan environments where individual freedom and community interests literally have space, Schattdecor’s international design team has carried out studies over the past two years on how the private, professional and social environments of the fans of the new urban lifestyle will be. Thus choosing three themes to represent the life of the future, in megacities: First, Second and Third Places.


“First Places describe our own home. It is where we hide from the world and enjoy our privacy. New and creative solutions are needed in response to housing shortages and the constant growth of cities.

Second Places comprises workplaces and educational institutions. In a professional world that is constantly changing, new possibilities are opening up for the unconventional design of workspaces.

Third Places shows public places where people meet or spend time. Squares, airports, train or subway stations, shops, restaurants and bars.” – Schattdecor.


Schattdecor at High Design

Schattdecor participated in High Design for the first time in 2018, with the aim of bringing the architects and designers industry closer together.


In 2019, under the motto “One Source. Unlimited Solutions”, the company participates in the fair presenting its products and solutions for the spaces of the future, in order to awaken in the final public – specifiers of its product: architects and designers – the reflection to (re)think about the urban environments of megacities.


Representing especially the reality of urbanization in Latin America, Schattdecor presents, in partnership with Bittor Sanchez, Juliana Medeiros and Sinuhé Vera, thoughts of these expressive architects about the spaces of the future.


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