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PORTA and Jowat: Opening Doors together

 Wednesday, July 10, 2024

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For over 25 years, Poland’s largest door manufacturer, PORTA Doors, has relied on Jowat’s extensive range of bonding solutions. Dr. Zdzisław Bernaczyk of Jowat Polska and Małgorzata Labuda of PORTA reflect on how this enduring partnership began and flourished.

PORTA Doors, a family-run business, stands as the leading manufacturer of interior and exterior doors in Central and Eastern Europe. The company’s first and largest production facility opened in 1992 in Bolszewo, where the headquarters remain today. With five factories across Poland, more than 1,700 employees produce approximately 1.7 million doors annually. PORTA’s market reach extends to 43 countries, selling doors in over 2,000 sales locations worldwide. The product range includes interior doors, entry doors for houses and apartments, and technical doors for commercial use or enhanced security.

One of PORTA’s standout models, CONCEPT, combines modern design with matte glass and elegant veneer. For such sophisticated designs, PORTA has consistently depended on Jowat’s high-quality adhesives. This cooperation between the door manufacturer and the adhesive expert has spanned over a quarter century.

A Long Tradition of Cooperation

The partnership’s origins trace back to the fall of 1996 after initial interactions at trade fairs. The primary goal was to consolidate PORTA’s adhesive sources to a single provider, improving efficiency in purchasing, logistics, and consulting. Jowat was chosen for its extensive adhesive selection and superior technical and qualitative parameters. “Jowat Polska presented a wide range of high-quality adhesives and offered comprehensive advice and technical support,” recalls Małgorzata Labuda, head of Supply Logistics at PORTA.

New Experiences and Challenges

A significant challenge was adapting an adhesive for door frame wrapping with MICROLAN, as conventional adhesives were unsuitable. After consulting Jowat’s experts, polyurethane-based adhesives (PUR) were identified as the best option. Despite PORTA’s lack of prior experience with PUR hot melt adhesives, they followed Jowat’s recommendations, acquired the necessary equipment, and began using adhesives from the Jowatherm-Reaktant® series. These adhesives, along with PVAc, EVA, and EPI-based products, are now integral to PORTA’s manufacturing process. “All doors sold by PORTA since 1996 likely feature Jowat products,” notes Labuda, praising their quality and reliability.

Shared Values and Future Plans

PORTA’s commitment to sustainable practices involves ongoing collaboration with suppliers like Jowat to optimize processes. “We consider ourselves in good hands with Jowat,” says Labuda. With projects like TechnoPorta and PortaFrame completed, PORTA plans to introduce a softforming technique and utilize Jowat adhesives in a new factory in Kartoszyno. This enduring partnership is poised for continued success for another 25 years.

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