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PolishStyl advances with its sanding solutions

 Monday, May 27, 2024

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PolishStyl advances with its sanding solutions

Mastering the art of sanding profiles can be just as intricate as the profiles themselves. Hence, investing in understanding the complete process is invaluable, ensuring it remains efficient and rewarding, resulting in a final outcome that meets the highest standards. While acquiring the necessary knowledge is crucial, it’s equally essential to utilise suitable sanding solutions, as they play a pivotal role in achieving optimal results. It is in this case that PolishSty comes forward with its efficient and highly professional sanding technologies.

“The head you buy once and only replace the sanding inserts”- is the idea of the PolishStyl sanding system. It guarantees simple, effective and economic sanding of elements that are generally considered difficult, such as grooved, milled or profiled fronts!

Visitors did experience the excellence of the sanding system at the Furnitech international fair at Ptak Warsaw expo. The interest in the presented offer proved the innovativeness of the proposed solutions for sanding demanding elements.

4 solutions

The technology of replaceable abrasive brushes by PolishStyl is a flexible system that the user adapts to his own needs.
It consists of 4 solutions.
1) For sanding surfaces and elements with irregular shapes, such as milled furniture fronts, PolishStyl recommends the use of plate heads.

The head is offered with a set of brushes (10 pcs.) in grids: P180, P240, P320, P400. It is designed to be installed on power tools with an M14 thread.

2) In the case of deeper profiles and directional grooves, PolishStyl propose using a big roller head with dimensions: D=80 mm (3,15 inch), L=75 mm (2,953 inch). It is offered with a set of brushes (18 pcs.) in a choice of grids.

The roller head is available with two mounting systems: with a shaft for mounting on a drill.

And with a standard M14 thread for mounting on power tools such as a polisher.

3) For surface and longitudinal sanding of straight profiles, PolishStyl recommends using a small roller head with dimensions: D=60 mm (2,36 inch), L=60 mm (2,36 inch).

It is offered with a set of brushes (14 pcs.) in grids, one set to choose from. Designed for installation on power tools with a drill chuck.
4) The fourth device is a pneumatic tool for quick and effective sanding of wood and wood-based materials. Perfect for work where mobility and high efficiency during intermediate sanding are important.

It has easy speed regulation (right-left) in the range of 100-1600 rpm (3 gears).

The weight of the tool with head and inserts is only 1,2 kg (2 lb). It is offered with a set of 14 brushes. The recommended supply pressure is 6.3 bar.
Head durability
PolishStyl has been producing all described solutions in Poland for over 20 years – at the factory in Nowa Dęba on the south of Poland.

Heads of PolishStyl guarantee long and trouble-free operation thanks to their appropriate design and precision of workmanship.
PolishStyl use stiff and deformation-resistant material for their production. Therefore, the design of the heads is able to carry heavy loads during sanding without compromising the durability of the head and the machine drive.

Replaceable abrasive brushes

The sanding material installed in all heads presented are replaceable sanding inserts. Depending on the degree of wear or changes in the assortment, they can be quickly dismantled.

The sanding inserts are available in many types: with abrasive cloth, non-woven fabric, natural leather, abralon, tampico hair or horsehair.
PolishStyl technicians are always available to help one choose the correct setup.

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