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Next level product hygiene from Vauth Sagel

Published on :Monday, August 23, 2021

Vauth Sagel, one of the first manufacturers to convert all its waste container handles in both the VS ENVI category and the trade fair novelty, VS WASH, Vauth-Sagel presented a consistent technology transfer at interzum 2021 that provides 99.99 per cent antimicrobial protection. Yet there’s more: the presentation of the new interior organisation system, consisting of VS ADD® Box and storage aids, can now also be equipped with this technology. This material is highly effective and ensures the absence of both germs and viruses on the plastic surfaces of frequently-touched products. The principle: silver ions act on the bacteria’s cells, thereby preventing growth and reproduction.

“When I first heard about it, I immediately knew: we have to have this for our product lines,” managing director, Claus Sagel, said. “Hygiene is a key topic of our Vauth-Sagel Design DNA.” Silver’s purifying effect has been known since 2,000 BC. The transfer to the first Vauth-Sagel product lines has now been completed, and they can be equipped with it. The application, based on Biomaster technology, has been used globally for more than ten years. 99.9 % of the antibacterial activity of inoculated bacterial cultures is certified in accordance with ISO 22196:2011, making it safe for use.

Bacteria settle on the surface. They cannot survive on the Biomaster surface. The ions’ high effectiveness is outstanding, with an extraordinary speed of action. It provides scientifically-proven, antibacterial product protection, even after 15 years. And that’s not all: the technology in the selected Vauth-Sagel products has been tested against more than 50 types of bacteria and proven in more than 2,000 applications. The effectiveness is specifically targeted at unicellular organisms – thus, it also targets the coronavirus.

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