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NESTRO invests at its Headquarters in Schkölen

Published on : Tuesday, August 11, 2020

To set the course for further growth, NESTRO Lufttechnik GmbH invests a seven-digit amount (€) in new production equipment at their Schkölen plant in Thuringia, Germany. The company wins clear advantages concerning productiveness, economic efficiency, precision and flexibility buying a state-of-the art metal-processing cutting/shearing/bending system from Prima Power connected to the automatic high rack stocking area technically armed last year.

An automatic loading unit for the supply for raw sheet metal as well as a system-integrated load/batch robot between the cutting/shearing segment and the bending segment guarantee an automatic, multi-shift operation if required. Now for the first time metal sheets with a length of up to 4 m can be tooled and pre-cut parts with a length of up to 3 m be can be bent in a highly adaptive manner. The bending segment can carry out positive as well as negative bends even with complicated geometry without turning the sheet while the tools are automatically adapted to part and material. With much less manual work it is now possible to produce very demanding parts which lead – using a manufacturing specific design – to significant cost savings also in the downstream working process.

“With this innovative type of machinery we can realize a higher volume in shorter time at lower costs”, according to Robert Nettelnstroth who leads the family enterprise in the second generation. “Pleasing business development over the last years on one hand and rising cost pressure on the other hand have encouraged us to heavily invest right now. It is a clear commitment for the production location in the north of Thuringia. We want to further increase our international business.” In 43 years of business NESTRO has realised more than 1200 large-scale projects with more than 500 customers in 30 countries world-wide.

Already in July a delegation of four people from the company from Schkölen was invited to visit and to accept the machinery on location at the Prima Power premises at Seinäjoki, Finland. “The installation should be done until end of October, 2020, to be operated already this year after a machine training of the operating staff organized in parallel”, production manager and authorised attorney Jörg Schäfer gladly stated. “It is great to be able to use such a modern equipment. This is a huge motivation for the whole 40 team.”

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