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Microtec- ‘green solution’ initiative for eco-travel

Published on :Thursday, July 25, 2019

Microtec management recently introduced e-bikes to support environment friendly travelling. Transcending into an electric future will become a reality with Microtec innovations. Under the initiative ‘green solution’ they have introduced e-bikes for their employees to reduce pollution and encourage eco-friendly travel. With this ‘green solution,’ they would soon achieve mainly three main objectives, easying journeys between home and the workplace, offering a fun way to exercise more, and giving the employees the chance to travel sustainably without causing noise and traffic problems.


e-bikes were born to solve the parking problem. Now, it will help in encouraging employees to stay fit and happy and work better. Support from the management will soon motivate staffs and expected to enhance performance. With such a unique vision they decided to rent a bunch of e-bikes and to provide them free of charge to the employees who live in Brixen or the nearby surroundings.


The electric bicycles are available for daily travel from home to the workplace as well as for private use, in order to go on errands or do leisure activities. “These e-bikes are an excellent alternative to the cars to reach quickly and without stress the workplace without getting stuck in traffic jams”, commented one of our satisfied e-bike drivers.


So far, our staff welcomed the initiative with great enthusiasm: instead of driving a car, now they come to work with their e-bikes, an ideal mean of transport during the hot spring and summer months.


As the world’s leading manufacturer of wood scanning solutions, Microtec is developing new approaches and solutions that allow obtaining a higher wood yield with substantial economic benefits for our customers. Besides this, while ensuring a unique insight into the wood, Microtec’s innovative solutions also contribute to reduce waste and making full use of a natural resource. In alignment with the company’s values of innovation and sustainability, these goals go hand-in-hand with the daily use of electric bikes by the employees – also a measure in favour of the environment.




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