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Komatsu enhances productivity with its upgraded grapples

 Thursday, November 10, 2022

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Komatsu’s updated new grapples is now more productive than ever. The latest version is more reliable and effective in forest allies. Ten completely redesigned variants form the heart of the effective new grapple series. Having a larger opening and an upgraded design, the grapples are equipped with improved wood pile penetration and make it simpler for the logs to roll into the grapple.

New design with larger opening

The refined grapples from Komatsu have numerous improvements that increase their production, making them reliable and effective forest allies. The most striking difference is that the opening width is noticeably larger, which enables the grapple to penetrate the wood pile more quickly and easily. Consequently saving time, the logs slide into the grapple more easily. When it comes to gathering and straightening the timber, the new grapples have also been optimized. If the crane is the extended arm of the operator, then the grapple is the hand that grips the timber. Due to this, it’s critical to have a grapple that is designed to gather, roll in, and grab the timber fast and effectively.

Along with the additional capabilities, the grapple range naturally preserves the fundamental elements of the previous versions, such as the sturdy and long-lasting construction. Enhancements ensuring a longer service life have also been incorporated, assuring their resilience in harsh forest situations. Komatsu grapples guarantee the effective transportation of lumber to the roadside by combining these traditional and modern advantages.

Ten new grapple models

Ten different grapple models grouped into six size classes have been introduced to the refined grapple series. They include the G82, which has a capacity of 0.26 m2, and the G87H, which has a capacity of 0.50 m2. Standard, bioenergy (brushwood), and heavy-duty applications are all in the spectrum. The most popular brands of forwarders, as well as the majority of truck crane models and other vehicles that transport lumber, are all compatible with the new generation of grapples.

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