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Europe’s largest 5G exhibition centre is being built in Hannover, Germany

Published on : Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Deutsche Messe’s exhibition centre in Hannover will get its own 5G campus network before the end of the year. This will create Europe’s largest 5G exhibition center, equipped with the new, high-speed generation in mobile communications. In close partnership with Deutsche Telekom, Deutsche Messe AG is gradually transforming the exhibition grounds into a highly innovative multifunctional campus. Deutsche Telekom is ensuring comprehensive, high-performance 5G coverage over a total area of more than 1.4 million square meters. Telekom is implementing the campus network as a hybrid network. The fairground thus has a private network that trade fairs and exhibitors can use for their applications. At the same time, visitors to the trade fairs have excellent coverage with the public 5G network covering the exhibition area.

With the 5G expansion, the Hanover site will also get one of the largest 5G campus networks in Europe in terms of area. In the first step, Deutsche Telekom is equipping five halls and the entire outdoor area, including adjacent parking lots, with 5G. Telekom will then supply all 30 halls and buildings on the exhibition grounds. The aim is to create a globally-unique test field for 5G, where technology leaders from a wide range of industries can test their use cases. Deutsche Messe and Deutsche Telekom are developing and marketing the joint 5G offering as partners.

“For Deutsche Messe, the early decision to have its own 5G campus network covering the entire exhibition center is a strategically important step. With the allocation of a private 5G license by the Federal Network Agency and Deutsche Telekom as a partner, we are strengthening our core and new business. We are thus offering exhibitors and guest organizers of all trade fairs in Hanover the opportunity to present their 5G-enabled products, solutions and applications live to an international audience,” said Dr. Jochen Köckler, Chairman of the Board of Management, Deutsche Messe AG. “With the 5G Campus network, Deutsche Telekom is opening up a unique opportunity for our exhibition center to become one of the largest private and self-contained 5G areas in Europe,” adds Köckler.

“Deutsche Telekom is the driving force behind the 5G rollout in Germany – especially for business. With this high-speed 5G campus network, we are delivering a transparent test area for industry here in Hanover,” says Tim Höttges, CEO of Deutsche Telekom. “Digitisation and innovation in Germany will benefit from our strong partnership with Messe AG.”

In the future, Deutsche Messe’s 5G site will also offer comprehensive coverage with Telekom’s public 5G network. Innovative and forward-looking applications will be researched, developed and tested here. This applies to products, solutions and applications across all industries.

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