Dynalyse Unveils New Kiln Scout With Moisture Measurement

Published on : Wednesday, July 31, 2013

DynalyseDynalyse introduces KilnScout in Europe – a new innovative moisture monitoring system for kilns. The Nordic market leader in strength grading systems, Dynalyse AB, exhibited at Ligna.



Dynagrade uses vibrations (resonance frequencies) to establish a strength grade (MSR 1650 etc. or C24 etc.) Precigrader adds the mass density to improve the grading accuracy, which is beneficial to mixed species grading and higher strength grade yields (like in MSR 2100+ or C30+).


Both systems are easy to install and simple to use by the operator. There are few moving parts and no active components in the systems, which makes it safe and reliable. The intelligent design contributes to the high degree of availability and low maintenance cost.


Current improvements for the systems involve increased grading capacities, wider market penetration through new approvals, modernized interfacing (human and controls), taking moisture content easier into account, networking capabilities and statistics handling. The systems are more flexible to integrate, and can be positioned along a sorting line independently of the position of other strength grading related equipment such as moisture meters and visual scanners. Improved mechanization makes the systems yet more reliable for a large range of structural timber sizes, dry or green; one set-up for all timber sizes and conditions.


Densigrader is a product for efficient mass density measurements both for wet and dry wood. Precigrader can be used in a Densigrader-mode, to control other products than structural timber where a minimum density is important to ensure.


Dynalyse works through representatives all over the Northern Hemisphere. Dynalyse (Sweden, Europe) is now represented in North America through SCS Forest Products Inc. (USA and Canada). Since SCSFP is working with moisture meters, relevant to machine strength grading, it is natural for Dynalyse to offer SCSFP’s products in Europe. The moisture measurement systems range from timber monitoring in kilns with the new Kiln Scout to in-line measurements in sawmills and planer mills. The SCSFP products together with the Dynagrade and the Precigrader strength grading system are efficient tools for increased productivity and improved end-product quality of structural timber and glulam products.

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