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Allied Tooling relies on Vollmer’s cutting-edge technology

 Friday, June 7, 2024

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Allied Technologies

Over its 45-year history, Allied Tooling has steadily grown, driven by its commitment to quality and innovation. The company’s growth trajectory is supported by its exclusive partnerships and its dedication to delivering high-quality products. The core of Allied Tooling’s success lies in its team of expert staff and the adoption of leading-edge technologies provided by Vollmer, which have positioned the company as a market leader. According to Wes Hacker, Allied Tooling’s Managing Director, the company’s expansion is largely due to its strategic alliances and the advanced technology it employs. Wes highlights how their exclusive UK partnership with AKE and a recent strategic tooling agreement with Wren Kitchens underscore their reputation for exceptional service and support.

In January 2024, Allied Tooling enhanced its PCD saw sharpening capabilities by acquiring a Vollmer QM ECO Select machine. This new addition was intended primarily for saw blade servicing and could handle diamond tooling up to 600mm in diameter. Wes noted that the QM ECO Select was chosen for its flexibility, which allows it to process PCD round shank and circular saw blades, making it invaluable for industries transitioning from TCT to PCD tools.

Best-in-Class Saw Service

Allied Tooling’s partnership with AKE has significantly boosted its production and servicing capabilities. The company has modernized its saw blade division, which has been operational for over a generation, by incorporating reliable Vollmer and Loroch machines that have been in use for more than 20 years. The introduction of the Vollmer CHD270 sharpening machine in October 2021, complemented by a four-station ND340 automation system, increased productivity by more than 30%. Wes remarked that the CHD270 provided additional capacity and higher productivity due to faster processing speeds and advanced automation features, allowing for complex saw blade designs to be handled with ease and efficiency.

The Vollmer Journey

Allied Tooling’s facility, spanning 16,000 square feet, is equipped with a range of Vollmer machines. The company follows a ‘one-in and one-out’ policy for its machines, ensuring constant technological upgrades. Since entering the PCD tooling market, Allied Tooling has significantly expanded its capabilities with Vollmer machines. This journey began in June 2018 with the acquisition of two Vollmer QXD250 machines and continued with the addition of the VPulse 500 in March 2023. Wes elaborated on the advantages of the QXD 250, noting its flexibility to process various PCD tools and the benefits of its 28-tool chain magazine, which enables around-the-clock, lights-out productivity. The arrival of the QXD for PCD tools marked a significant enhancement in Allied Tooling’s reputation and led to a substantial reduction in lead times for bespoke tool solutions.

Evolution and Modernisation

Over the past six years, Allied Tooling has more than doubled its turnover to over £7 million. This rapid expansion has been fueled by the company’s rebranding efforts, the introduction of PCD tools, and exclusive partnerships. As demand for its diverse product range grows, Allied Tooling has significantly invested in Vollmer’s grinding and erosion machines. The company’s relationship with Vollmer began in the 1990s, and since then, it has acquired over 20 Vollmer machines. These include state-of-the-art equipment such as the Vollmer QXD250 and VPulse 500, which have been instrumental in enhancing productivity and precision.

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