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Aggressive forestry activities continued

 Friday, September 2, 2022

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Norwegian Forestry Agency’s study indicates that measures in the forest remained to be at a high level in 2021. The area that landowners hope to use for long-term logging-free forestry is published for the second time and is now further broken down by ownership class. In Sweden, almost 874,000 hectares of land were prepared, fertilised, planted, sown, and cleared in 2021. The largest portion, 445,000 hectares, was cleared. Since the early 2000s, clearing has grown and is now almost twice as high as it was in the late 1990s.

Hygge-free forestry

Many forest owners, both large-scale and small-scale, have been the subject of investigations by the Swedish Forestry Agency into clear-cut forestry. According to the poll, hygge-free forestry refers to the management of forests with production goals so that there are never any significant bare patches of land. The outcome demonstrates that in 2021, the landowners had the ambition to manage long-term logging-free forestry on about 728,500 hectares. With its margin of error, the estimate has a confidence interval that ranges from 603,000 to 854,000 hectares. About 487,500 hectares of the whole land were not farmed by individual owners, and another 241,000 hectares were farmed without cultivation by other owners. The area does not include land that is formally protected, voluntarily set aside, unproductive forest land, or classified as either unspoiled or managed for nature conservation.

Gotaland has the largest area cleared

A little over 212,000 hectares were used for planting and sowing during the year 2021; planting covered the bulk of this area, or about 200,000 hectares. The area under forest cultivation has increased somewhat since the 1990s, when it averaged around 144,000 hectares. This can be contrasted with the average annual growth of forests from 1955 to 1959, which was estimated to be around 95,000 hectares. Approximately 157,000 hectares were cleared in Gotaland, compared to 108,000 in Svealand, 95,000 in Sodra Norrland, and 86,000 in Norra Norrland. A current forestry plan covered 80% of the forestland that was productive. Individual landowners are less likely than other landowners to have an up-to-date forestry strategy. The matching number for other landowners was 97%.

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