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ADLER develops Print-Protect UV+ SQ for printed surfaces outdoors

 Friday, June 14, 2024

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ADLER develops Print-Protect UV+ SQ for printed surfaces outdoors

Digital printing technologies have established a solid presence in interior design, transforming various surfaces such as furniture fronts, kitchen back walls, floor coverings, and wall paneling made from a plethora of materials including wood and glass. This trend is extending gradually to outdoor applications, encompassing not only signage and advertising spaces but also front doors, garage doors, and even entire facade elements, offering them distinctive visual appeal. However, as these technologies advance, so do the demands placed upon them. Outdoor applications necessitate coatings with exceptional adhesion, enduring elasticity, and remarkable hardness to withstand weathering effects. Additionally, safeguarding sensitive printing inks against UV radiation becomes imperative to prevent fading and discoloration. Addressing these challenges, ADLER, an Austrian paint manufacturer and founding member of the Digital Printing Association DIPA, offers an optimal solution: Print-Protect UV+ SQ from ADLER. This product package equips printed surfaces with the necessary attributes to withstand the rigors of outdoor environments effectively.

One system for all areas
One of the strengths of printing technology is its versatility. Wood or metal, glass or plastic? A single piece or a series of several tens of thousands? A few square centimeters or large formats of 20 square meters? There is almost nothing that cannot be printed on. There is a wide range of inks and printing processes to choose from. It is precisely this diversity that presents the challenge for the coating structure, as it is necessary to provide a primer and top coat that guarantees adhesion and surface protection – on every substrate, for every ink and every area of ​​application. The development team around Dr. Simon Leimgruber in the development laboratory of the Austrian paint manufacturer ADLER has succeeded in squaring the circle: They have developed a water-based coating structure that can be used universally for numerous printed surfaces.

High-quality construction

For achieving ideal adhesion of printing ink, especially on smooth surfaces and under challenging environmental circumstances, it’s advisable to prep the surface with ADLER Print-Primer SQ, a 2K primer. Its white hue not only facilitates optimal, high-resolution print results but also enhances the print image. Subsequently, after printing, ADLER Print-Protect UV+ SQ provides the final protective layer, boasting a high-quality light protection package.

“Printing inks are extremely sensitive to UV radiation, but at the same time, long-lasting protection is essential for large-area facade elements, for example, as they cannot be easily renovated or replaced,” explains Dr. Leimgruber. ADLER Print-Protect UV+ SQ safeguards the print image against long-term fading and discoloration while maintaining vibrant colors due to its exceptional transparency. Additionally, this top coat provides defense against mechanical strain and various chemicals including cleaning agents, oils, or gasoline, retaining its elasticity even in harsh weather conditions.

Comprehensively tested

Companies from a wide range of sectors, from sign manufacturers to producers of front doors or facade elements, are already using ADLER’s print coating structure. “We take a lot of time with every customer request and carry out numerous tests in order to ultimately achieve a high-quality overall package of primer, printing ink and top coat,” explains Dr. Leimgruber. In addition to adhesion, elasticity, scratch and chemical resistance, protection against UV radiation and weathering is also extensively tested. “The results we get are absolutely convincing,” reports Dr. Leimgruber: “While normal printing inks fade significantly after just a few months, the surface with ADLER Print-Protect UV+ SQ looks practically like new even after years of intensive UV radiation!”

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