Wolfgang Hormuth

Wolfgang Hormuth, Vice President, Industrial Adhesives, Kleiberit speaks to Wood & Panel Europe on HotCoating Technology, polyurethane hotmelts and more at Holz-Handwerk show in Nuremberg.


Tell us about acceptance of the HotCoating technology in Europe?

Wolfgang Hormuth : Well, the acceptance of HotCoating technology is very satisfying to us. I mean you would certainly understand, after the introduction of such innovative technology, bringing an innovation like HotCoating into the market, it takes a while until it is well understood. Now technology is understood and people know how to run the technology and this is going very well. There are many companies using the technology and we are very happy about the performance of the end products.


Tell us briefly about the use of polyurethane hotmelts in modern flat lamination?

Wolfgang Hormuth : Modern flat lamination basically means the combination of different substrates and using polyurethane hotmelt technology and adhesives gives you the opportunity to achieve full strength in physical performance for peer strength, very high performance with regard to steam and water resistance due to the chemical crosslinking of polyurethane adhesive. And this allows you to get a very new substrate combination which is a great opportunity for people in various industries.


What are the specific Kleibriet competencies in the PVC profile wrapping?

Wolfgang Hormuth : In PVC profile wrapping, I guess everyone understands that Kleiberit was the innovator of the use of polyurethane product in order to make profile wrapping for PVC profiles. Now the specific competency is certainly the competence PUR, our knowledge to formulate new products, new polyurethane products, new adhesives with great performances which fulfill the requirements of the modern standard. And it is our desire to constantly improve the products and improve the state-of-the-art technology.


What is your solution for the demand of the new RAL norms?

Wolfgang Hormuth : The new RAL certainly has the requirement that the adhesives have a very good aging resistance and a very good stability in the hydrolysis or thermolysis test. We developed a product Kleiberit 704.3 which has excellent and outstanding performance in this new requirement. And this is to our understanding, a very new product with basically a new state of the art performance.


I can see a nice picture behind. Like if I translate, it will be like “Keep cool by Tropical Test”. So what do you mean by that? Can you explain?

Wolfgang Hormuth : well a lot of people certainly have the question about the performance of their products, especially with the new RAL. Seeing that new requirement, seeing the requests for performance of the adhesives, which make people sort of uncomfortable and using our product especially the new Kleibreit 704.3, we ensure to every user that you can sleep well at night, you can really stay cool because that product will give you all performance you need to have durable long lasting profiles of the best performance.


My last question is like, what is your expectation from this show? Also tell us about your participation at the upcoming show, Xylexpo in Milan and how you see your market in Italy?

Wolfgang Hormuth : To us, all different industries, like the window profile wrapping industry, furniture industry, even automative industry, filter, sandwich industry – all these industries are very important for us. And therefore, it is essential for us to communicate with our customers on the different specific shows like the Frontale. We are able to meet our customers over here and to bring the new developments into this market, like we will do at the Xylexpo, where the focus is more on furniture, on surfaces, innovative products for innovative components for the furniture industry. And that’s what we expect from xylexpo, to show our customers our competence in PUR.


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