Umberto Meroni

Mr. Umberto Meroni, the Technical Director and Energy Manager, Fantoni Group speaks to us on Berndorf Bands. Here is the replica.

woodandpaneleurope Are all the panels you produce continuously in double belt presses manufactured on Berndorf belts?
  Umberto Meroni : Yes, now-a-days we have two continuous presses here in Osoppo, and both of them are equipped by Berndorf Band. Even in abroad, we are using lot of Berndorf belts, like in Lesonit, where we have another continuous press for MDF production. So, basically we use Berndorf belts, not always, but yes very often.
woodandpaneleurope What are the specifications for the belts in double belt presses in case of Fantoni?
  Umberto Meroni : The specifications are given by press manufacturers for thickness and tolerance. We are not giving any specifications to Berndorf. We are only choosing the material of the belt and nothing else.
woodandpaneleurope What made you choose Berndorf?
  Umberto Meroni : We chose Berndorf, because we saw a good ratio between quality and price. The lifespan is also very good. We have personal experience with Berndorf for several years now. I have joined the company in 2000, and I am discussing with Berndorf since 2000, so its roughly 14 years we are working together. They are indeed good people with good package solutions.
woodandpaneleurope Does Fantoni require 3,5 mm thick steel belts?
  Umberto Meroni : No, the maximum thickness we are using is 3,0 mm in the Lesonit plant. I don’t think our presses are allowed to increase the belt thickness due to the technical specifications and so we are not allowed to use 3,5 mm thick belts.

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