Udo Leiber

Mr. Udo Leiber, Managing Director, Leuco Asia, bares his heart on interzum Guangzhou, market strategies, products and lot more. Read on.

woodandpaneleurope Tell us about your participation and expectation from this show?

Udo Leiber: We have been exhibiting at this show since 2005. I personally was here in 2005 where interzum had just started to become a popular show, the number of visitors increased rapidly and the interzum here in Guangzhou established itself as a leading exhibition within Asia. South China is the largest furniture manufacturing base in China and several leading furniture manufacturers are based here. We hope to reach them not only with products, we aim to forge a strong collaboration with them and work on a systematic and holistic tooling concept which will help them to increase their outputs in a highly efficient way. The average Chinese manufacturer has invested heavily into new machines over the years. Now it’s our turn to consult with them on which tools are best for their application. Our products will be a key for them to fully utilize their equipment.

woodandpaneleurope Diamond Shank type Cutters is one the latest innovations you have and it gained much response. What makes this product as an individual so successful?

Udo Leiber: Our new LEUCO Diamond shank type program is an important development for LEUCO brings new high level routing technology to the woodworking industry. Our customers do not only get one new router, instead we established a whole product range with different options of cutting edges like Z2+2, Z3+3, Z5+5 and Z4+2+4. Additionally we increased the shear angles of the cutting edge geometry compared to the common ones which you find in the market. These changes lead to measureable longer edge lives and visible higher cutting quality where our customers then reap many benefits. Last but not least a considerable advantage of this new shank-type family is the use in a wider range of materials beside chip board.

woodandpaneleurope Also, how is the demand for Made in Europe technology here in China? How do you cope up with the price strategy in comparison to local manufacturers?

Udo Leiber: The demand of products Made in Europe increased over the years. The knowledge of Chinese manufacturers is more mature than ever before. They are able to distinguish different products and are also willing to pay a different price for a more advanced one. An important driver for your sales success in selling to the Chinese manufacturing industry is to be aware of keeping the balance between price and performance.

woodandpaneleurope What has been Leuco’s most successful and focused product throughout this year?

Udo Leiber:Saw blades are the beginning of the LEUCO history and they are a never-ending and quite exciting topic. Last year during LIGNA in Hanover/Germany we introduced our new tungsten carbide tipped panel sizing saw blade families “LEUCO U-Cut” and “LEUCO Q-Cut”. They are tipped with the new tungsten carbide grade “HL Board 04 plus”. This tungsten carbide wasn’t used in our industry before; it’s been especially composed for LEUCO. Our customers benefit from 30% longer edge lives compared to the previous LEUCO panel sizing saw blades. The new saw blade families are a top seller worldwide and we get excellent feedback from our customers.

As well as new tooling innovations, there is an increasing demand for cutting processes consulting, e.g. how to process new materials. As much as possible we try to master it with standard tools, but often we need to go for customized solutions. Here, field expertise is the key. We focus on being the first contact partner for our customers for any tool requirements.

woodandpaneleurope How has been the feedback for your updated “airFace Design” comes with low-noise technology? How user-friendly is this?

Udo Leiber: LEUCO “airFace design” is an upgrade on our existing low-noise technology. We discussed this feature extensively with our customers and subsequently applied for patent technology. It’s applied on three LEUCO jointing cutters families: DIAMAX, DIAREX and SmartJointer. Jointing cutters are a basic need for our customers, and with the new noise reduction technology we can deliver value to a lot of furniture production companies and improve the working environment for their employees. Due to the new surface of the tool bodies, the noise is reduced up to a considerable 2 dB (A) in idle. In addition to other already existing noise-reducing features LEUCO DIAMAX and DIAREX jointing cutters are the quietest jointing cutters with steel body in the market.

woodandpaneleurope Coming to 2018, what are your plans and preparations for the rest of the year?

Udo Leiber: We are actively delivering innovative tools, consulting solutions and resharpening service to our customers every day. Currently, more and more machine manufacturers are establishing platforms to handle the increasing demand of digitalization. LEUCO introduced the “ToolCloud”, enabling tool management by a digital twin. From the beginning, ToolCloud was developed as an open platform for all data to all tool manufacturers and with standardized interfaces. Currently our ToolCloud has been rolled out to a single pilot customer and after this successful implementation, ToolCloud will be subsequently deployed with a group of further customers.


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