Sam Thomas

Sam Thomas, Sales Area Manager, Cefla Middle East FZE speaks to Wood & Panel on the current market, the latest iGiotto Twin X2, Fusion and Inert Coating Technology, association with Henkel and a lot more at the show floors of Xylexpo.


How has been the response of iGiotto? How did the idea of iGiotto Twin come up?

Sam Thomas : The iGiotto app, iGiotto which is coming is mainly for the windows and window finishing and also for the assembling furniture finishing whereas the iGiotto app twin, which came of now is to increase a productivity, now that we have introduced the Robot. That is the reason why we have to double arm robot now.


Tell us a couple of main features of iGiotto App?

Sam Thomas :The iGiotto App is finished and used by two Robot and with maximum thickness. In normal spray machine, we maximum can get up to 100 millimeter but with the Robot we can go up to 400 millimeter thickness- thus we can have much more thicker panel with much more flexibility with Robot. That is the major feature of the iGiotto App and product with the two double arms we can increase the production too.


Can you brief us about the Fusion and Inert Coating Technology?

Sam Thomas : The Fusion and Inert Coating Technology are mainly used for the basic panels like Chipboard, MDF and on top of it the 3D Inert Coating Technology whereas with the design engraved belt, we can have artificial wooden finish on the base MDF on raw wood, that is beauty of the Inert Coating Technology and the Fusion Coating is mainly on melamine panel where you get the high gloss finish by the Fusion Coating.


For the entire interview, watch the video now.


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