Rainer Kampwerth

Rainer Kampwerth, Sales Manager, Surface Treatment Products, PUR-HotCoating, Kleiberit speaks to us right from the floors of Xylexpo on HotCoating, the technology, and future course of action from Kleiberit! Stay updated.

woodandpaneleurope HotCoating is the main success driver for Kleiberit now! What do you think is the main reason behind it?
  Rainer Kampwerth :Well, I think the main reason for that global success is that, it’s the first time that we are offering the process to the big board producers worldwide, so we are offering them the advantage to produce triple-A high gloss boards under real industrial conditions in huge capacities ; I think this is the key answer to the question because until today this mirror-like product was not available for industrial production.
woodandpaneleurope The development of HotCoating took a long time. Can you please tell us the limitations or challenges of this Technology?
  Rainer Kampwerth : Well, of course, it took a long time because as everybody knows Kleiberit is coming from the industrial adhesives. We are one of the main global producers of polyurethane products. The basic idea was to create a surface treatment product coming out of these kinds of polyurethane adhesives. In the beginning there was not a real idea, real market for this product and also hot coating is always connected with some industrial coating. So these development involved products, it took a long time, yes, but Kleiberit did a very good job and now we find global acceptance for the product. We have already set up at least 30 installations of industrial productions and we have orders for more 4 installations only in 2014, so we are positive to be on the good way.

woodandpaneleurope Talking about global acceptance, can we call this technology a user friendly one?
  Rainer Kampwerth : Yes, of course it’s a user friendly one because this process, the advantage to create the triple a high gloss quality boards even in low volumes in any kind of design in direct combination with the digital print technology.
woodandpaneleurope Does HotCoating Technology in case of inline digital print, allow the users to create an individually designed component in one single batch?
  Rainer Kampwerth : I mean, in combination with the digital printing technology everything is possible. You can easiliydigitalise any kind of image, nowadays; the decor range is almost unlimited.
woodandpaneleurope Talking about high gloss furniture surfaces, do you think it’s just a passing trend or it is here to stay for long?
  Rainer Kampwerth : Of course, we know that high gloss is a fashion. We did a lot of market research and especially since Kleiberit is distributing its goods globally, we are always in the markets where there this the demand for this Hi gloss boards. The fact, that now triple a high gloss boards are available for industrial producers also foresee some changes in the market, so we are creating the demands nowadays. For eg, in Brazil, there was almost no high gloss in the market, two of the biggest producers decided to produce WITH polyurethane hot coating process from Kleiberit and now there is a huge demand for hi gloss furniture, so the market changed completely into our direction.
woodandpaneleurope Talking about sales figure, how is the Europe market faring?
  Rainer Kampwerth : The European market is, of course, our home market. The sales figure at the beginning of 2014 were that we finished at least more than 20 million sq m already with the polyurethane hot coating technology and we are pretty positive to double that number at the end of 2014.
woodandpaneleurope You had been to INDIAWOOD! How is the demand for these technologies in the Asian Market, more specifically in India?
  Rainer Kampwerth : First of all talking about India, the demand in India, is for sure there. But let say, following the Kleiberit technology means also that you are able to focus on export to the neighbour markets. This is an important issue, the production lines of the polyurethane hi gloss are atleast very high capacity lines. So the producers who are going for that kind of process can easily also cover the demand of other markets in the neighbour countries, at least for India. It is possible to do export to all of South East Asia.
woodandpaneleurope What will be your sales strategy for the second half 2014? Are you coming up with anything new?
  Rainer Kampwerth : For the second half of the year, we are also focusing, on the upcoming IWFin the USA and the FORMOBILE in Brazil. We are planning to increase our activities to the Kleiberit products for the HotCoating roll to roll process. We did a lot of work for the board industry until today, and now we are also focusing on the producers of decorative papers, at least of any kind of foil producers and this is one of our key targets till the end of 2014. Of course, we are continuously developing and improving the performance of our current systems.
woodandpaneleurope With IWF Atlanta to take place in the second half of the year, if you can tell us the demand and market in the American market?
  Rainer Kampwerth : Kleiberit has a strong set up in the America. We are in the US since decades already. We are very successful and of course our engineers and sales team in the US is also promoting the Kleiberit HotCoating system. Actually, in these days there is not a big market in the US for high gloss boards. As I told you its a fashion, we are expecting this to change at least in the beginning of 2015. We are continuously working on that, we are trying to take influence on the market and the fashions in the market. But we are also prepared to supply hi gloss boards, flooring products, super matte boards, so we have a full range to cover at least any kind of demand.

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