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On the occasion of WMS Canada, Wood & Panel got a chance to take a shot of purple, right with the President of Leuco Tool Corporation, Jens Schulz. Know more on their presence in the show, AirFace system, plastic processing and more. Read on.


“Take a shot at Purple” – what’s it all about?


Jens Schulz : “Take a shot at Purple” is representative of our corporate color. Leuco’s corporate color is purple. Everything you see in our booth represents that purple color. With “Take a shot at Purple”, we are inviting our existing customers and also our potential customers to come in and take a shot at our services and our product offerings.


What are the products that you are showcasing here at WMS?


Jens Schulz : At this WMS, we are showcasing a few new products as well as some that have already been around a couple of years. Primarily, we are featuring our AirFace system which we can see on this tool right here. AirFace is a groove tool system that is made based on the wings of an owl. So, we took inspiration from nature to allow us to create a tool that runs quieter and more efficiently than the older systems. The tool we have here is a smart joiner with AirFace screws imported into the tool. What you can see on this tool as well, is that the inserts or the tips that cells are replaceable by the consumer. So you can continue to use the tool. The tool body remains the same, and you simply just replace the system. The grooves on the back of the tool allows the air to flow more efficiently pass the tool and thereby, reducing the amount of noise that is coming from the tool.


Plastic processing is gaining more importance. How are your products more compatible with plastic processing?


Jens Schulz : With plastics, we are seeing more and more of our customers importing or realizing plastic in their productions processes as well. And plastic is a difficult product. It expands a lot of different grades, materials, so we tried from our saws to our edge prep tools, to create tooling systems that allow our customers not only to use it in plastic, but also use it across a multitude of materials.


You have been named as one of the “40 under 40 top wood industry leaders”. How do you feel about this honor?


Jens Schulz : It is an incredible honor to be named as a “40 under 40” leader in woodworking industry. I think it is very reflective of the Leuco as a whole and as a team that we work for. Leuco represents a company that is innovative, trendsetting and reliable. Being named as “40 under 40” is just a reflection of us as a company on a whole.


Where do you place yourself when it comes to Industry 4.0?


Jens Schulz: Industry 4.0 is trendsetting topic and Leuco, of course is part of it. We are working with some of the largest machinery companies in the world, as well as a few universities, to create a system and a program that allows our customers to have a cloud-based system where they can get their all tooling information, and that not only just gives them their tooling information but also works with the machinery and the material so that it is an all-encompassing system. Here, in the US as well, we are working with vending machinery suppliers to create an inventory management system to help our customers manage and implement inventory control systems.


How has been the feedback so far about


Jens Schulz: Obviously, online shopping has become a major thing in the world nowadays. People are walking around with their smartphones, Amazon is the leader and has set a benchmark that the rest of us are now looking to achieve as well. What we found is that, a lot of our customers are wanting the convenience of simply being able to place an order from their phone or from their desktop instead of having to call the customer service department or wait for a Leuco sales person to come by. So we created to fill that need for our customers. We are trying to be as efficient as we can so that we are providing an effective system or our customers to shop online and get the tools that they need.


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