Haluk Baybek

In conversation with Mr. Haluk Baybek, Export Group Manager of Kastamonu right from the floor of interzum Guangzhou.

woodandpaneleurope If you can tell us about your participation and expectation from this show?

Haluk Baybek: I would like to say hello before I start, and as Kastamanu Intergre, this is our fourth presentation in this exhibition and we very are happy to be here for our participation and regarding our products, we see that there is a good demand in China market as well as the demand in wood market such as in Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore and also there are some visitors are coming from Europe, Africa and also even from South America. We are quite happy to be here and for our participation.

woodandpaneleurope What are the primary products you are showcasing this year at interzum Guangzhou?

Haluk Baybek: Kastamanu Integre is a wood based panel producer. Now, what does this mean ‘wood based panel’? Well particleboard and MDF are mainly two groups. We are also making value-added production, these are melamine faced particleboard, melamine based MDF and also high gloss panel of MDF based panels. We have another group of product which is the Doorskin which are we are producing for our Romanian plant and finally we are coming with wood flooring and we see there is a very good market for all these products here in China.

woodandpaneleurope How is the market faring for Kastamonu in this part of the globe?

Haluk Baybek: China is one of our favourite countries, that our production of wood based panels and also flooring. We are gaining very good response and vibes from the market and everyday they are increasing their orders. It is a very good reaction from the market and our products are market sector type market and we are really happy about that.

woodandpaneleurope How do you cope up with the price strategies in comparison with local Chinese manufacturers?

Haluk Baybek: : I don’t want to say that, in local market of China the product quality is low, no, this is not true. There are several product qualities but also for coming years, I can see that in part of the cities that China is changing: China is considering above the environment more than before and thet are trying to renovate the facilities, they are trying to move their factories from cities to outside of the cities and therefore, in China, the quality is becoming the first aspect which is the most important aspect. Besides that, I have to say that there is a difference in cost compared to other parts of the globe, but the Chinese buyers are ready to pay the difference for quality product.

woodandpaneleurope What are the plans going forward in 2018?

Haluk Baybek: Ofcourse, in 2018 we will be in the market more, our Area Manager is visiting all the clients more often. I’m here for two weeks time, first we went to another exhibition in Shanghai regarding flooring and we came here from Shanghai and we are taking this area as well as China very important and we are trying to eve the importance of our market with our prodcution and with our products.


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