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Cole Martin

Cole Martin

During IWF Atlanta, Wood & Panel had the opportunity to speak to Cole Martin, the Sales Manager, Dieffenbacher Customer Support, LLC.

woodandpaneleurope What can we expect from this IWF show from you?
Cole Martin: Well our theme for this IWF show is Two Sites, One Company. We have our facilities here operated in Georgia, Atlanta where we handle parts service in support for our customers and also our manufacturing facility which is located, just across the border, in Windsor, Ontario. There we have a complete manufacturing facility to board manufacture, presses and other auxillary forming equipments etc where in support of our customers who are primarily in North America.
woodandpaneleurope That’s great. Next level of Plant Efficiency, where do you place youself when it comes to industry 4.0?
Cole Martin: That’s definitely a focus of our company. We are doing everything we can for upgrading and modernising; automatisation and working with our customers to continue to a truly upgraded and automated goes well to the next level with the development of our equipment.
woodandpaneleurope Well, how do you cater to the requirement of spare parts. Like I understand, you have a great service station, so can you elaborate on the role of Dieffenbacher Customer Support?
Cole Martin: Our goal is to cut down on the response time to our customers. In our warehouse we have a hundred thousand spare parts approximately, and an inventory valued approximately 5.3 million USD. Of course, we continue to expand by an active programme working with our customers. Our goal is, and we are doing very well on this, I must say, that if we have a part in stock, we will be able to have it shipped within two business days after receiving the order.
woodandpaneleurope Wow, that’s really nice. What are your market strategies for the rest of 2018 and the beginning of 2019?
Cole Martin:Our market strategy is to continue doing to expand and to be able to improve our service to our customers, to make sure that we have the available service people which, by the way, we have seven servicemen who are permanently based here in North America and a manager to manage this place. And our goal is to offer premier supply oriented to the industry.
woodandpaneleurope My last question would be like, tell us about your presence in Mexico and Latin America? Will you participate in the Mexican show that is organised by Deutschmesse in Middle of January?
Cole Martin:To be honest, that would be handled by our parent company. I am sure that they are active but I dont have answer to whether we have a booth or not, but I am sure that they are working on it. I am sure that’s in their planning but that’s not something that we do in North America. To expand , primarily on Mexico, we have three large installations that are just going on, we are handling the parts and services at of our office because of the time difference and we have people that are fluent in Spanish to be able to handle them. So we have service guys here, the parts to handle and our goal is to improve to Mexican customers to the same level to the service that we have given to the North America customets- our Canadian and US customers.

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