Christian Pfeiffer

During Xylexpo, Wood & Panel got the chance to speak to Christian Pfeiffer, Deutsche Messe’s Global Director for LIGNA and Woodworking Events and note some quick know how on LIGNA 2019, the upcoming Medex, Deutsche Messe’s expansion to Iran, the LIGNA Conference to be held at China and lot more.

woodandpaneleurope LIGNA Conference is going to be held in China this December. What is the main reason behind organising this conference in China?

Christian Pfeiffer: Our main reason to organise such in China is to get the LIGNA know how, the expertise, together with our exhibitors towards the Chinese visitorship, because its’ one of the biggest markets; a country where you have a lot of furniture manufacturers who are really keen on knowing more. We would like to use this step as a bridge towards LIGNA to give them something to understand, watch the new technologies and how LIGNA is catering to those kinds of needs. So we give two possibilities with this conference, in one hand, it is of course the option for the Chinese manufacturers to get into the topic of integrated woodworking and secondly the fact that we are supported by the exhibitors by the companies showing their expertise in this field of interest.

woodandpaneleurope Deutsche Messe is organising MEDEX in Iran this time. What made you choose Iran?

Christian Pfeiffer: Iran is a very promising market, with a huge population who are very keen on manufacturing furniture. They already are very well equipped industry- furniturewise. They are a hub for the area and it’s a huge interesting market place. It’s a great opportunity and we are very optimistic about the show.

woodandpaneleurope Coming back to LIGNA 2019, what are the core areas you will be focusing on under the banner “Integrated Woodworking – Customized Solutions”?

Christian Pfeiffer: Integrated Woodworking – Customized Solutions is the first topic, something we are focusing on the conference in China. And of course, digitization is the word: the future. It is about what can I, as a company, as a visitor, get on such a show- a perspective from my individual company what will help me drive my business, develop my business in the future and this is where customized solutions comes! So, those are the things that will definitely be the most important- that everyone who is thinking about what am I doing here, is this something I should invest in and how would these integrated solutions help! So, we leave it up to of course, the exhibitors to get into details discussion- and this is what I think LIGNA can cater to.

On the other hand, we have Digitisation, the trend to individualization! Everyone wants to have special furniture and most of the time the surface is one option to determine the individualization. This is why we said it’s a smart surface technology because integration and digitization is a good aspect when it comes to surface technology with so many options we can experience!

woodandpaneleurope What are the new markets you are emphasising this year in terms of visitors?

Christian Pfeiffer:Well, we are very well recepted in Poland. This is something I take a close look and of course we would also like to go into details with Romania. These are where, I have a feeling, markets can be developed because when you take a look at the numbers in the furniture industry, it is developing. In Asia our conference is important, but we need to develop visitors all over the world, South America, North America, Asia and of course Europe. Sometimes, Europe is the hardest because we already have a very big portion of people coming from Europe to LIGNA!


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