Bernd Bielfeldt

During LIGNA, Wood & Panel has the chance to interact with the who’s who of the industry, Dirk Eisenmann and Bernd Bielfeldt of Dieffenbacher being two of them. Read their take on the new layout, the company’s vision and lot more.


This LIGNA, you are in a new hall, with new look and new highlights. Tell us about your response to this new layout of LIGNA and also your expectations from the show.


Dirk Eisenmann : Yes, I think from the visitors’ point of view, the new hall layout is quite interesting because it brings the companies together which belong together from the customers and business point of view. For us, of course, it was a challenge as we had to plan everything new and now we have new hall, we have to design completely new booth. So, it is interesting, we see positive reactions from the visitors, they adopt the new concept. So, yes we are happy with it and looking for more people for next few days.


This new booth looks really good and also like this time you have the motto of ‘next level of plant efficiency’, what are the new products you are showcasing at LIGNA?


Dirk Eisenmann : Well, the theme of going to the ‘next level of plant efficiency’ by nature is not the product, but more of our company’s approach to the customers to have a complete plant solutions and not focusing on one dedicated area. Of course Dieffenbacher has been grown as being a press manufacturer but for many years we have proved our portfolio and so when we talk about plant efficiency, we talk about all the production steps – from the logs being delivered to the final product and we are focusing on every area of this production steps and make them all efficient so our customers have more ways to earn money, that’s what it is all about. So, every new product we are showcasing here is dedicated to fulfill this promise.


Talking about the new products as you said like what would be features of FlowOptimer?


Dirk Eisenmann :Well, FlowOptimzer is something in the creation of wood particles, dedicated for particleboard production. It is a new element in knife ring flakers with which we achieved very homogeneous distribution of the chips into the working chamber of the knife ring flaker. This helps to increase the capacity of the machine, the homogenous wire of the knife and therefore, to optimize the electrical power consumption per ton as well as the service interval in between the exchange of the knives.


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