Trends and innovations dominated Cefla Live 2019

Published on : Monday, October 28, 2019

Cefla Live 2019 experienced great results with huge participation for fascinating three days. Trends and innovations took centre stage at this year Cefla Live. This edition experienced a grand wrap-up after a overwhelming participation of 350+ visiting companies, 26 finishing partners and 19 live demonstrated technologies in the company’s 3000 square metre laboratory in Imola after showcasing innovations in finishing technology.


Cefla Finishing, innovative features and concrete benefits were showcased to leading industry players at Cefla Live, the annual event which attracts an international audience of leading industry specialists and end-users from countless business sectors. Today’s opportunities for tomorrow’s players One of the principal objectives of Cefla Live is to bring together the key players in an environment where the latest technologies are operating and the thought-leaders are open to sharing their views and experience. A concentration of machinery and surface finishing lines going from spray or roller coating equipment to excimer matting ovens or 3D industrial digital printers is the backdrop to everything that is new in the industry.


Spray coating machines and cleaning systems

All the showcased spray coating machines, from the entry-level version replacing manual labour to the more sophisticated models with 3D reading barriers, are able to boost production efficiency and finishing quality and can be fitted with the patented spray cleaning system. This saves on paint consumption and drastically cut back on detergent. Less detergent means lower operating costs, it safeguards equipment and ensures a healthier environment.




Digital printing technologies

Already appealing for its ability to stay tuned to trends and enable a high degree of customisation, digital printing now offers huge potential with positive and negative tactile effects. 3D digital printing is an affordable process, which uses MyTexture surface texturing and prints at 400 dpi.


Automation in profile wrapping

With all its key components designed and built in-house, EasyWrap by Düspohl was showcased wrapping metres and metres of profiles. Visitors are also able to view an impressive video of RoboWrap featuring fully robotized mechanisms, which enable profile changeovers in just 5 minutes.


Excimer matting technology

Exydry-Z is the first excimer oven which processes raised panels and therefore also panel edges. Superb surface resistance and soft-touch finish together with the deep matt look on all sides are the exclusive benefits of this new oven, the first of its kind and the first to drastically reduce nitrogen consumption.




Overhead spray coating

One machine demonstrating the coating of external doors to increase output, improve coating quality and cut production costs: iGiotto, with its 3-gun wrist. Lacquer savings, colour changes performed without even stopping the equipment thanks to its process control software, a combination of benefits for superior productivity.


Edge sanding and painting

One of the solutions exhibited, with its patented Edge&Go head for vacuum application technology, Smartedge, performs sanding, coating, drying of all edge types. But the real advantage for operators is the make edge shape changeovers in no more than 15 seconds; for example, from a straight edge with a 3 mm radius to a J-Pull.


Roller coating for raised panels

The latest in the range of roller coater lines, Smartcoater PRO, now applies the base coat to raised panels prior to sanding thanks to the pressure exerted on the application system. Panels are then spray coated to complete the surface finish. Reaching the grooves with a roller coater brings extra flexibility and reduces application costs.


Service packs and software solutions

Cefla Finishing experts also demonstrated the importance of supporting the market with software tools that will optimise performance and safeguard companies from stoppages and unwanted production bottlenecks. UBIQUO, because it tends toward limitless support, both in terms of where you are, when you require it – before purchase, during production or when you are ready to perform maintenance or upgrades – mixes physical, virtual and digital tools to address issues such as efficiency, reliability, competence and predictability. It offers more than remote assistance, data analysis or a pair of VR visors. UBIQUO is the key to quality. Equipment that is able to provide quality feedback on each process will allow you to implement quality actions leading to top-quality results.




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