Leuco introduces new Smartjointer comes with Airface design

Published on : Monday, July 31, 2017

leuco newNow even more stylish: the LEUCO DP jointing cutterhead of the “SmartJointer plus” series with exchangeable knives! As of now, the new version named “SmartJointer airFace” is available for a large number of machine types.


Low weight and low noise

Previous SmartJointer versions have also been characterized by very low noise, which is partly due to its significantly reduced weight compared to conventional tools. The low weight of the SmartJointer is made possible by its high-tensile aluminum body. With this cutter, dynamic processes such as jump milling consume only a fraction of the previously required energy. Furthermore, the spindle bearings are relieved thanks to a reduced unbalance. In addition, the light aluminum body vibrates less and creates less noise when at idle and during use. Together with the optimally designed knives with little protrusion, this leads to an audibly lower noise level on the jointer aggregate of the edge banding machine. An additional noise reduction is now achieved with the new airFace surface, which allows the air to be channeled while the tool is rotating. Therefore, both at idle and while moving, the SmartJointer airFace has the lowest noise level in comparison with other jointing cutters. At the same time, the new airFace look makes it easy to distinguish it from the conventional SmartJointer version, which only partly allows segments to be changed.


Stainless steel segments, re-usable body

The segments now come with a stainless steel body and are thus fully protected against oxidation. The objective is still to use the aluminum body as often as possible. As is well known, the knives, followed by the chip gullets, are the areas of a cutter head that are most susceptible to wear. During a segment change on the SmartJointer airFace, the chip gullets are replaced at the same time. This prevents wear of the aluminum body and enables long-term multiple use.



allowing customers to be independent

The new airFace version is ideally suited for customers who attach importance to a low noise level and/or who want to be independent of sharpening stations. Provided with a set of suitable replacement segments, they will be able to re-equip their tools at any time. Any items needed for replacing parts, such as DP replacement segments, torque wrenches and screws, are available from LEUCO. It is important to replace only complete sets of segments in order to avoid differences in cutting edge protrusion.


leuco 4Diameter consistency saves time

Consistent tool diameters provide a clear advantage when inserting knives in mint condition. This avoids time-consuming adjustment procedures on the aggregate and allows users to promptly resume production!


 It is also possible to have the SmartJointer airFace resharpened in the conventional way at the LEUCO ServiceCenter. For such cases, the tool is provided with a resharpening area of 1.5 mm, allowing several resharpening processes on the jointing head. This method is particularly suitable for industrially oriented companies, considering that no extra effort is required for segment replacement and that regular replacement cycles are scheduled anyway for production lines.

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