Leuco celebrates 50 years– brings innovation close to the customer

Published on : Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Leuco celebrates jubilee year in Switzerland. For 50 years, the company has been supplying woodworking companies with quality tools. As the industry is gearing up for digitisation and Industry 4.0,  Leuco aims at paving the way for a number of innovations in the tools and technology to enrich the wood and panel industry.



 During this time in Switzerland, the machine tools company has gained a first-class reputation through quality products, innovation and focus on customer needs. “In Switzerland, virtually every customer who wants to produce high-quality products must be ours”, opined Reinhard Mathis, Managing Director of Leuco in St. Margrethen. The company began its journey in 1969 with a sharpening service and a production of carbide-tipped circular saw blades Leuco the leading supplier of carbide and diamond tipped machine tools and special tools according to customer requirements with almost unlimited possibilities for industry and trade – including sharpening service.


Today, there are unique innovations, that minimizes cutting pressure, significantly increases the quality of cut, increases tool life enormously and is used almost silently. This system already exists for many product groups, including the G5 system for the finest cutting quality and low-noise work, or the p-systems as shank and hole cutters, which enable unparalleled cutting quality and tool life.


Another important building block for Leuco are custom-made products. “This is always about in-house developments according to customer needs,” explains Reinhard Mathis, for example, “if a customer has a ‘bottleneck’ somewhere that slows down production, Leuco develops a tool that can do it faster.” Over the years, so many developments have been created for Swiss customers. For example, a cutter for joinery machines with a huge cutting capacity and high surface and edge quality. “You can ride along with the silk tie on the edge of the wood, it will not hang,” says Reinhard Mathis.


For 50 years, a motivating corporate culture has been a priority. Employees often stay in business for decades, fluctuation is low. The know-how stays in the company and continues to develop – to the benefit of the customers. “It’s very simple,” says Reinhard Mathis: “We are honest with each other, have goals we set in common and say what we need, we share the information and get feedback in a good, relevant tone.”
And in the future – the focus is on innovation, quality and special developments. Cooperations with machine manufacturers will become more important. The developments make sense if the tool and the machine are coordinated. Collaboration with the Swiss vocational and higher education institutions should be continued. And finally, digitisation and Industry 4.0 will pave the way for a number of innovations in the industry. And one thing is certain: “We will tackle the next 50 years with the same passion with which we have accompanied our customers over the past 50 years,” concludes Reinhard Mathis.




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