Fellner engineering with advanced “CSM Heartbeat” at LIGNA:

Published on : Friday, April 26, 2019

 LIGNA 2019 is gearing up to bring a host of surprises to the wood working industry. At the show floor in May, Fellner engineering GmbH will display their new “CSM Heartbeat” – the world’s only contactless acoustics based saw blade protection system specially designed for woodworking industry.



Austria based, Fellner engineering GmbH will showcase their new highly productive circular saws in Hall 25, stand L05. The new CSM Heartbeat is innovative and easy to set up, the saw system is equipped with an acoustic sensor (microphone), one electronic unit and the latest CSM software. The latest version of technology further strengths its power and advances its performance. The microphone continuously monitors the noise level (SLP) of the saw blades. This “advance listening” enables the feeding speed to be substantially increased – by up to 30%! Saw blades that are up to 1/3 thinner and also higher can be used without any risk. The company’s experts are now at LIGNA 2019 to show just how far their system has come since introduction.



“CSM Heartbeat” was created to tackle an all-too-common problem. In sawmills, logs are pushed at relatively high speed – up to 200 meters a minute – through two upper and lower saw shafts with up to twelve saw blades each. As you’d expect, the saw blades are put under a great deal of strain. Quite often, they start to oscillate and heat up considerably due to the rubbing in the kerf. This, in turn, can produce wood with badly cut edges that often end up on the scrap heap. In extreme cases, it can even damage the saw blades. By performing acoustic monitoring, “CSM Heartbeat” can recognize when the blades oscillate and recommend countermeasures. As a result, the system prevents damage to the saw blades, increases their service life, and is even said to reduce wastage. All this ultimately translates into significant cost savings – the perfect reason to keep your ears open.



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