Cefla showcases future of finishing at Xylexpo

Published on : Thursday, May 10, 2018

Cefla_updatedWith the claim, “Welcome to the other side of digital printing”, Cefla Finishing underscores the ultimate goals for innovation at Xylexpo. Here the visitors may literally touch the digitally printed items. Cefla’s stand features a functioning J-Print digital printing line at the disposal of entrepreneurs who wish to explore its potential.


The device can obtain an amazing embossed effect on all material with a high definition finish both in terms of sight and touch. This is achieved by perfectly registering the lines of the drawing traced on the surface and the corresponding relief.


J Print. Welcome to the other side of digital printing


DMGZ8537The embossed effect is obtained with the exclusive myTexture technology developed by Cefla with Kuei. Their winning partnership has involved a team of highly specialised designers and experts in studying the concept of obtaining large formats that offer a natural and surprising tactile sensation, which is visually synchronised with the initial image (E.I.R., Embossing In Registration). This unprecedented solution is astounding for the high definition and endless creative options it offers the entrepreneur, architect and designer, with results and a budget that were previously inconceivable.


A revolutionary solution, thanks to the above features and digital printing’s potential to yield even customised unique pieces, whose resistance to abrasion meets even the high flooring standards. A solution that deserves to participate in the Xia Award for innovation at Xylexpo, a competition that has won Cefla several acknowledgements at past editions.


iBotic technology for coating. Versatile, flexible, intelligent
Cefla’generated_xylon.jpg.1300x490_q85_crops stand at Xylexpo will also display a functioning spray line fitted with iBotic, the top of the range spray robot, whose performance has been significantly revisited. iBotic is the perfect solution to spray paint items that have different shapes and thicknesses (up to 180 mm), also with curved and shaped surfaces presenting difficult undercuts. The excellent outcome is yielded by the action of number-controlled interpolated arms, which operate after automatically acquiring the geometry of the processed item. With 3D interpolation, iBotic implements an optimal working sequence by precisely following the item’s contours and maintaining the spray guns at the ideal distance for best results. The input of automatic reading makes this an extremely flexible solution also for small lots of various types of items.


Cefla solutions for Industry 4.0.
cefla at xylexpoIndustry 4.0 will also be highlighted, a sector in which Cefla Finishing expresses its highest potential in terms of Research and Innovation.


The development trends of solutions proposed to companies include design and simulation, supervision, control and improved efficiency. At Xylexpo visitors may appreciate the many benefits offered by the following solutions.

cCloner simulates complex production lines. This solution offers the operator a realistic and dynamic 3D view of the process before the production line is started up. cCloner allows simulated interaction with the production line (virtual reality) during the work phase in order to promptly define process inefficiencies and implement the corrections required to achieve the expected efficiency, productivity and quality.

cTracker, line supervisor for real time control and management of the entire production system. This informs the operator about the level of line efficiency, and the actions to be implemented to improve it, thus minimising non-productive phases.

Smart Contract, a service designed to enhance the safety and manageability of continuous operations by counting on predictive maintenance.

cMaster, the monitoring tool, allows to control production line productivity at any time of the day and from anywhere, even remotely.

At Xylexpo visitors have the opportunity to experience Cefla’s virtual reality. A VR visor will offer full immersion into production line virtual reality, exploring each function and appreciating, with extreme realism, the validity of the choices made.

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