Cefla Finishing- innovations outshined at LIGNA

Published on : Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Cefla Finishing filled the Hall 17- Booth F45 with an array of innovations in different field. Surface enhancement technologies were a key attraction at the Cefla stand where visitors enjoyed a rare opportunity to peep into the future of finishing technology and innovations in virtual, physical and digital sphere.


Cefla Finishing, one of the pioneer in the sector has heavily invested in the technological evolution and indulged into surface enhancement process.


The company’s innovation included a carefully selected combination of service packs and software solutions, a step ahead in the basics of Industry 4.0. At Ligna 2019, Cefla exhibited new equipment, new ways to ensure customers benefit from greater efficiency, new patented technologies designed to maximise flexibility and minimise costs.


A host of innovations covering different processes, responding to current market demands

The broad experience relating to all finishing technologies and materials going beyond the realm of wood makes Cefla Finishing an ideal choice as a unique solutions provider for surface enhancement.

Innovations unveiled at LIGNA:


Patented savings for spray cleaning technology

This device cuts production costs through patented spray cleaning and delivers more than one benefit. Greater cleaning potential saves on paint consumption and allows a reduction in detergent during running time. Less detergent means lower operating costs, it safeguards equipment and ensures a healthier environment.


Time saver profile wrapping


RoboWrap by Düspohl, with its fully robotized mechanisms, allowing profile changeovers to be completed in just 5 minutes, combines limited set-up and maintenance times with high output rates. Automation is one of the simplestand most effective ways to boost profits through enhanced productivity. 


Cost-efficient digital printing for 3D effects


The flexibility of digital printing allows animmediate and appealing response to changing trends and fashions, with high potential for customisation. Besides this, the J-PRINT TD creates positive and negative tactile effects with outstanding realism and an affordable, reliable process using MyTexture surface texturing, also performing embossing in register (EIR), and printing in 400 dpi at speeds reaching 50 m/min.


Excimer matting technology for raised panels


The latest excimer oven by Cefla Finishing now handles raised panels and achieves a deep matt finish on all edges. Exydry-Z treats all 3 axes, X, Y and Z and achieves superb surface resistance as well as the sought-after soft touch effect.


The latest roller coating evolution: Smartcoater PRO


A response to what the market demands: more flexibility, a greater degree of automation and savings, both in terms of time and costs. The new addition to the consolidatedSmartcoater range features automated cleaning solutions, automatic monitoring and adjustment of coating parameters, an optional.

pneumatic floating system with 4 screw jacks and more, all conceived to boost efficiency and improve coating quality.


Overhead spray coating that requires no manual programming


Elaborate 3D geometries represent a major challenge and manually programming all the moves and trajectories required to paint the object efficiently and consistently is not a simple task, or a quick one. iGiotto when used in conjunction with the cVision 3D Reading Barrier ensures time savings through coating process automation, improves the quality and consistency, thus leading to reduced lacquer consumption and lower costs.


An incredible productivity boost for vacuum application technology


Built into Smartedge, the patented Edge&Gohead enables continuous processing of different edges. Edge shape change overs using Edge&Gorequire no more than 15 seconds; for example from a straight edge with a 3 mm radius to a J-Pull handle edge.


Service value from the customer’s point of view with UBIQUO


UBIQUO has been created to enhance business profits by acting on all aspects with a tailored mix of service packs and software solutions, expert consultancy and digital tools. UBIQUO offers more than remote assistance to solve an unforeseen breakdown, data analysis to indicate a better way of optimising lacquer consumption, software tools enabling production line simulation, VR visors to help train staff. UBIQUO inverts the point of view to look at efficiency, competitiveness and profitability from a customer’s point of view.


With such a variety of innovative technologies, patented devices and state-of-the-art equipment Cefla coupled with new approach in display encouraged knowledge share and attracted business for the company.




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